Material and Service Wish List

Material and Service Wish List

Restoration Project Roy Creek bridge

Running a steam powered railroad is hard work, it often requires special skills and specialized tools to get the job done right.  We operate 46 miles of railroad through challenging terrain and an constantly evolving coastline.  As a non-profit organization we are always eager to accept donations to help us get the job done right to keep the trains on the tracks steaming well into the future.  We have compiled a list of items we are searching for, a donation to the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is 100% – tax deductible (we are a registered IRS-501c3 charity) and your support is greatly appreciated.  Below is an example of work completed by the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.

Summer 2012 – New track installed by the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad over Roy Creek following the installation of a new bridge to restore the creek to its original course and to allow the reintroduction of salmon to Roy Creek after the highway and railroad bridges were in stalled in the early 1900’s

Track Equipment and Materials

  • Standard Gauge Speeder cart (tow behind trailer for speeders to support moving equipment into remote areas)
  • Standard Gauge Track Tamper
    • 46 miles of track is a lot of tamping by hand, we would love your old tamper to go along with the ballast regulator and tie inserter that we already have in our MOW fleet.
    • The sandy soil through Rockaway Beach is constantly moving and requires constant attention.
  • Switch Ties (Long ones that support the switch stands)
  • Track Materials
    • Spikes
    • Ties
    • Rail
    • Tie Plates
    • Joint Bars
    • Track Bolts
    • Large Weed Sprayer (weeds and brush grow fast along our line and constant maintenance is required)

Locomotive Parts

  • Locomotive Starting Batteries (the batteries in our diesel locomotive fleet are very weak and are in need of replacement)
  • Locomotive horn for F-Unit (Our current horn on our Great Northern F7 was damaged by vandals before we acquired the locomotive and has had trumpets removed to make it operational).   New or functional historic horn would make the engine sound much better.
  • Steam Powered Air Pump
  • 32 Volt Steam Powered Dynamo

Shop Equipment

  • Steam Generator (Steam Locomotive Starting)
  • Electric Screw Type Air Compressor (Steam Locomotive Starting)
  • All Terrain Forklift

Professional Services

  • Civil and Structural Engineering Support
    • Track Improvement Engineering Support
    • Tillamook Depot Foundation Engineering Support
    • Tillamook Depot Seismic Structural Engineering Support
    • Garibaldi Water Tower Design and Engineering Support
  • Electrical Support
    • Lighting and Electrical Outlet Installation in Garibaldi Engine House
    • Tillamook Depot Electrical and Plumbing Installation
    • Railroad Car Lighting and Power Installation and Repair
    • Railroad Crossing and Signal Support and Repair
  • Event Planning and Coordination
    • Volunteer Coordination Support
    • Advertising Support
    • Special Event Support