Thanks for a great year!

Thanks for a great year!

We had another great year on the Tillamook Coast!

Some of our highlights:

Skookum lives!

“It’s amazing that they have actually been able to get that engine finally ready to steam. None of us thought that was possible when they started, but with everything else that Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has done, we should not have been surprised that they are pulling this one off.”

Skookum rolls through Garibaldi

Newly painted passenger cars

Our caboose and passenger car got a beautiful new, blue paint job!

Sunset Steam Train Excursion 

The Sunset Steam Train Excursion, back in July, took patrons along the Tillamook Coastfrom Garibaldito Rockaway Beach, while a drone filmed from above. Ticket sales were donated to three Garibaldi non-profits.

The Garibaldi Museum, Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative, and the Rockaway Beach International Policeall received just over $700 in August as a result of the fundraiser.

Recipients of monies raised by the Sunset Steam Train Excursion: Doug Tharp, Treasurer, International Police Museum; Ed Wortman, Executive Director, International Police Museum; Rich Gitschlag, President, Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad; Christine Bacon, President, Garibaldi Museum; and Valerie Schumann, Secretary, Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative.

Photo charter tours

Peter’s company recently led a photo charter trip with the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, showcasing the McCloud No. 25 and Polson No. 2 engines.

“These people wish they lived during that time in history, so we try to recreate that for them,” Peter Lerro of Lerro Productions said.

Visit Tillamook Coast Video

An amazing highlight video of what we’re all about!

Candy Cane Express

Santa, cookies, hot chocolate, and holiday wishes.

Hundreds of volunteer hours

A special thanks to all our volunteers and staff who work so hard all year long to keep us running!

Jim Abney, Martin Adams, Rachael Aldridge, Sam Aldridge, Wendell Alverson, Katelin Anderson, Gary Marchambeau, Lynne Averill, Don Averill, Spencer Barkwell, Greg Baumgart, Jonathan Boegler, Chris Borne, Don Burden, Linnea Burden, Meghan Burdick, Stven Butler, Bruce Cardin, Steve Catt, Tilda Chadwick-Jones, Debbie D, Paul Daniels, Ryan Dela, Gail Dever, Bill Devlin, Nan Devlin, Jade Dye, Alvin Eshe, Jeff Galleher, Richard Gitschlag, Scott Gordon, Dean Groza, Martin Hansen, Michael Hartley, Jenna Henderson, Brian Higgins, Luke Johnson, David Kehr, Mike Kirkwood, Mike Konruff, George Landrock, George Lavacot, Skip Lichter, Nick McQuade, Bruce Miller, Dennis Murphy, Matthew Musgrave, Kyle Nasman, Gary Oslund, Denny Pastega, Shaena Peterson, John Pohlpeter, Doug Rosenberg, Dan Service, Toby Taylor, Theresa Taylor, Lou Helan, Brandon Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Tim Thompson, Lon Wall, Bruce Warner, Scott Wickert, Norm Wolfenbarger, Gary Wright, Tiffany Wright, Paul Wyntergreen, Chelsea Yarnell, Aaron Zorro. 

And ridership numbers were up…because of course, you!

Thank you to everyone who road with us in 2018. We can’t to see you in the New Year!