Thanks for a great year!

December 30, 2018
We had another great year on the Tillamook Coast! Some of our highlights: Skookum lives! “It’s amazing that they have actually been able to get that engine finally ready to steam. None of us thought that was possible when they started, but with everything else that Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has done, […]

Another magical year aboard the Candy Cane Express

December 23, 2018
Thanks to all our passengers, young and old, that shared their dreams and wishes aboard the 2018 Candy Cane Express! We appreciate every one of you that chose to share this magical, holiday season with us.  

Its history

December 17, 2018
It was the late 1800s. Portland was rapidly growing. And out on the coast, most of the land had been claimed. But suddenly, people in the small coastal villages noticed there was no way to get their products to the bigger cities.   “The market was very undependable getting dairy to market,” […]

Living history: join us for a photo charter

November 28, 2018
The morning fog sits low on the waterfront in Garibaldi. The only sounds are from the fishing docks, and the train getting ready for its day’s journey. The steam from the train’s engine is easily seen in the chilly morning. The conductor greets passengers as they board through the caboose. Above the […]

Sunset Steam Train Excursion benefits local non-profits

September 20, 2018
A video production this summer gave the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad the opportunity to give back to the community. The Sunset Steam Train Excursion, back in July, took patrons along the Tillamook Coast from Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach, while a drone filmed from above. Ticket sales were donated to three Garibaldi non-profits. […]

‘Every day I learn something new, that’s why I do what I do’

September 16, 2018
Tim Thompson still remembers the day he met “Steamer Scott,” founder of the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, who eventually welcomed him into the crew. “I have loved trains my whole life,” Tim said. “The thing with steam trains is you can SEE how it works…you can see the wheels, you can see […]

Quite a compliment

September 16, 2018
Upon a recent trip to The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, rail fan Martin Hansen, struck up a conversation with the steam engine crew. Out of the blue, the engineer asked Hansen if he had anything to do with the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad [OCSR]. “I said, ‘Yes, I do work […]

‘One thing that makes this railroad survive is our volunteers’

July 24, 2018
A short tour of Garibaldi with Paul Daniels reveals his optimistic spirit. Wouldn’t a building look great here? This used to be really run down: look at all the commercial activity now. We have great plans for the railroad here. His positive attitude toward economic growth has enhanced Garibaldi and greatly benefitted […]

Garibaldi Station Expansion Project

January 24, 2016
As a former Southern Pacific (SP) line built in 1911 – a year before the Titanic launched and sank, OCSR intends to preserve the railroad’s historical essence by constructing a replica of an SP Depot style no. 11 at the Garibaldi Station. Along side the new Depot will be a matching Office […]

State of Emergency Clean Up

December 15, 2015
As many know, Tillamook County recently suffered one of the worst storms it has ever endured.  Our tracks have suffered damage that will affect our ability to run our tourist train. Throughout the county, there have been many road closures and it has become apparent that in the future, the railroad can […]

Salmonberry Trail Project

January 18, 2014
The Salmonberry Trail local code adoption project was funded by a grant from the Oregon Transporation and Growth Management (TGM) Program. TGM is a joint effort of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation Development (DLCD). The Port of Tillamook Bay (POTB) is managing the code […]

Clearing the Line to Salmonberry

January 18, 2014
We often get questions about what the line looked like in 2012 when we started clearing it on our way up the Nehalem River. In 2012 we started hand clearing brush that ranged from grass patches here and there to alder sapling forests that were physically impossible to walk through. After many […]

Another Milestone in the Restoration of the Famous Skookum

January 6, 2014
Yesterday saw the restoration of one of the West’s most famous steam locomotives get another step closer to completion. The engine is the former Whitney Company 2-4-4-2 “Skookum” built by Baldwin in 1909. She was the first of Baldwin’s logging mallets. The fully restored tender of the Skookum was loaded at the […]