Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

Our Spring Break and Coastal Excursion rides run between Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach, bringing riders into each town and running next to Highway 101. The tracks get you closer to nature, and slow the trip down to a leisurely pace. Along the way are scenic views of the bay, historic sites with rich history, protected bird sanctuaries, and friendly locals and visitors who love to wave to the train!

Fall Splendor takes riders on a 2-hour ride into the Nehalem Valley, away from the traffic and up the river, along beautiful tree lined tracks perfect for pictures just begging to be posted on your social media! Keep your camera ready, because around every curve is a stunning new view!

Why does the train go back and forth on the same track?

The railroad depended on expediency and ease when delivering both freight and people, and with no ready turntable or track to move the engine to the front of the train, the fastest way to get going was to just go backwards! This practice still is in use today, with many mainline and shortline railroads doing these, “shove,” manuevers.

Are there bathrooms on board?

On our Spring Break, Coastal Excursions, and Fall Splendor trains there are no public bathrooms available, but don’t worry! All of our stops have restrooms within easy walking distance of the train!

Where do I board the train?

The train boards via the caboose located at the end of the train. Our train depot addresses are located on our home page.

Is the train wheel chair accessible?

Unfortunately, the train does not have direct wheelchair access. We operate historic equipment that was built with steep stairs and narrow aisle ways. We are currently working on a project to have an ADA accessible boarding station.

Can we bring our dog aboard?

Absolutely, we love having well-behaved dogs aboard.  Pets are welcome on Regular Coastal, Spring Break, and Fall Splendor Excursions. We ask that families with dogs please sit in the open cars as they offer additional space for our four-legged friends. Only service animals are allowed on Dinner Trains and special excursions.

Do you have discounts for groups, children and seniors?

We sure do! We also offer family memberships that can be a cost-effective way to ride the train as much as you would like with your family. In addition, we offer a $2.00 per ticket group discount for groups of 13 or more. Use the code “GROUP” in checkout.

Can I ride in the engine?

You bet! We offer cab rides in our steam and diesel locomotives for those that are interested in a unique railroad experience for a small additional fee to cover our insurance costs.  Ask the ticket agent if there is room available in the cab, there often is and we would love to have you along for the ride in hottest seat in the house.

How early and late can I make my reservation or purchase online tickets for OCSR excursions?

Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis, popular trains can sell out fast so if there are tickets available on the day you would like to ride we suggest buying tickets online and secure your seat early. Online tickets are available for sale up to 30 min before departure though we cannot hold the train for passengers so please try to be at the departure depot before your scheduled departure time. Walkup tickets are also available on the for purchase on the train in the blue caboose for the Coastal Excursion and the Fall Splendor Excursions.

How long is the layover in Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi?

Our Regularly scheduled trains have a 30-minute layover at each destination.  Listen for the locomotive whistle 5 minutes before departure to allow yourself enough time to get back on the train.

Who owns all of this stuff?

The Majority of our equipment is owned by the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad an IRS 501c3 charitable museum organization. We do operate and store some privately owned equipment and welcome owners of private railroad equipment to store or operate their equipment on our railroad, contact us for more details. We are an “island railroad” meaning that we are isolated from the rest of the railroad network so equipment must be brought in on trucks at this time. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has an agreement with the Port of Tillamook Bay to be the sole operator of the railroad from the Tillamook Air Museum and the railroad siding at Enright 46 miles by rail north and east of Tillamook.

I heard the railroad connected to the Portland area at one time. Are the tracks still there and can they be reconnected?

The original tracks are still installed but small areas were washed away in a heavy winter storm in 2007 that caused a significant amount of damage throughout the region.  As we grow as an organization we plan to reopen sections of the line that we have the resources to repair and expand our service to return service to the areas where we have operating agreements and demand for excursion train service.

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