Deep River Logging #7 “Skookum”

Deep River Logging #7 “Skookum”


Builder Baldwin Locomotive Works
Date Built June 1909
Shop Number 33463
Weight 71 Tons
Cylinder Size HP 15″x22″ LP 23″x22″
Diameter of Driving Wheels 48″
Track Gauge Standard (56.5″)
Fuel Oil

Ownership History

Little River RR Townsend, Tennessee
Columbia River Belt Line Blind Slough, Oregon
Larkin & Green Logging Co. Blind Slough, Oregon
Carlisle Lumber Co. Onalaska, Washington
Mud Bay Logging Co. Mud Bay, Washington
Deep River Logging Co. Deep River, Washington
Charlie Morrow Stored in Snoqualmie, Wa
Rogan Coombs Stored in Mineral, Wa
Chris Baldo Restored in Tillamook, Or


The Skookum project was completed in early 2019, and Skookum is currently running at Niles Canyon Railway in Sunol, California.