Clearing the Line to Salmonberry

Clearing the Line to Salmonberry

Between Wheeler and Batterson - Spring of 2012

We often get questions about what the line looked like in 2012 when we started clearing it on our way up the Nehalem River.

In 2012 we started hand clearing brush that ranged from grass patches here and there to alder sapling forests that were physically impossible to walk through. After many months and thousands of hours with chainsaws, loppers, and machetes we were able to get the first train through to pull out some stranded railroad cars in the Batterson Siding. Here is a video taken of that first trip.

In october of 2012 we operated our first passenger excursion to Batterson from Wheeler, Oregon. The bush had been cut back further by hand to improve clearance for the cars but there was still work to do. Here is a video from one of our passengers on one of those first excursions to Batterson, note the improvement in the vegetation management between the first rescue train and the first passenger train.

In 2013 we offered an expanded operating schedule, offering weekend trips from Wheeler to Batterson all four weekends in October to enjoy the fall colors. In 2012 the OCSR acquired and rebuilt an excavator mounted brush cutter that allowed us to drastically improve the clearance for the cars and improved the overall experience dramatically from the first passenger trains that were pulled to Batterson the year before. Here is a wonders video of our 2013 Fall Splendor excursion where you can see the dramatically improved vegetation management along the line.

As we work toward Salmonberry look for excursions and dinner trains to utilize this section of the line more and more in the future. We hope to see you on board.

Become a member of the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad and help us get all the way to Salmonberry and to the limits of our operating agreement at Enright. Less than 10 miles to go!