Hard To Duplicate Today - 100 Years Later - H.L. Arey

After the first of the new year there will be a number of winter steam charters held that will challenge the participants with the special lighting that winter snow and low sun can bring. Even with all our sophisticated new digital camera equipment available today, we all would be lucky if we were able to click off just one shat as good as this one taken 100 years ago in 1914.

The photographer was H.L. Arey of Timber, Oregon. He was an engineer for the Southern Pacific on the Tillamook Branch in Oregon's Coastal Range. Fortunately for us, he took his camera along with him to work. Here is one of the results of his photographic talent.

Mr. Arey has stopped his helper engine, SP 4-8-0 #2929 at the siding at Wedeburg and is waiting for his next freight to come along so he can drop on and provide the needed power for the grades ahead. While he and his fireman wait Mr. Arey has climbed down and set up his camera for this stunning shot. His use of the available light off the snow has given the image a three dimensional look and has highlighted the otherwise dark engine and old growth forest.

This winter we can only hope that we get off one shot that is even close as good as Mr. Arey showed us 100 years ago.

- Martin Hansen

SP 2929.HLA.small.2

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