State of Emergency Clean Up Dec 15, 2015

As many know, Tillamook County recently suffered one of the worst storms it has ever endured. Our tracks have suffered damage that will affect our ability to run our tourist train. Throughout the county, there have been many road closures and it has become apparent that in the future, the railroad can be used as a "lifeline" if planned with Crisis Management. Unlike the road departments, we do not get emergency government funds to repair the tracks so they can be used in such a way. We do not receive trained emergency personnel and equipment to perform such repairs, and our handful of volunteers performing track work are in their 60's and 70's.

Tillamook County relies heavily on tourism. OCSR plays a special role as it is one small organization that delivers thousands (23,000 this year) of tourists to other tourist focused small businesses along the railroad line. If you would like to be of service to OCSR and the people we serve, please donate to our fundraiser below.

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