Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad Going Strong! Not Abandoned!!

I need to set the record straight given the posts on the POTB notice of "abandonment" of common carrier status for the line from Cochran to Tillamook. This will be a good thing for OCSR.

As many of you know, Oregon Coast Scenic RR is one of the lines that I work with closely. Rest assured, this action by the POTB will not adversely affect the on going operations and expansion of the OCSR.

Please look at the notice. This is a "discontinuance of service" notice and not an Abandonment of all rail service notice. There is a big difference. This notice will actuall help OCSRR by relieving them of certain testing requiremnts. OCSR worked directly with POTB in crafting this notice.

The steam operation will continue as before and the expansion plans of a restoration shop in Tillamook are underway. This notice simply removed the common carrier status for the line damaged in the December 2007 flood. It does not mean the line will be scrapped. To the contrary, the line is opeational up to Salmonberry.

OCSR is still adding to thier fleet of passenger cars and the Skookum will be running on the OCSR when the re-build is done shortly.

While the POTB needed to remove the common carrier status for the insular portion of the railroad, they are not scrapping the line and the OCSR will continue to run and expand.


Stay tuned for more!

Enright Tank
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