Garibaldi Station ExpansionProject January 24, 2016

Garibaldi Station-Revd

As a former Southern Pacific (SP) line built in 1911 – a year before the Titanic launched and sank, OCSR intends to preserve the railroad's historical essence by constructing a replica of an SP Depot style no. 11 at the Garibaldi Station. Along side the new Depot will be a matching Office building with public restrooms. The existing Engine House will undergo renovations, and lastly a fully functional Water Tower to exhibit a complete

State of Emergency Clean Up Dec 15, 2015

As many know, Tillamook County recently suffered one of the worst storms it has ever endured. Our tracks have suffered damage that will affect our ability to run our tourist train. Throughout the county, there have been many road closures and it has become apparent that in the future, the railroad can be used as a "lifeline" if planned with Crisis Management. Unlike the road departments, we do not get emergency government funds to repair the tracks so they can be used in such a way. …

Salmonberry Trail Project

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Clearing the Line to Salmonberry

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We often get questions about what the line looked like in 2012 when we started clearing it on our way up the Nehalem River.

Between Wheeler and Batterson - Spring of 2012

In 2012 we started hand clearing brush that ranged from grass patches here and there to alder sapling forests that were physically impossible to walk through. After many months and thousands of hours with chainsaws, loppers, and machetes we were able to get the first train through to pull out some stranded railroad cars in the Batterson Siding. …

Another Milestone in the Restoration of the Famous Skookum


Yesterday saw the restoration of one of the West's most famous steam locomotives get another step closer to completion. The engine is the former Whitney Company 2-4-4-2 "Skookum" built by Baldwin in 1909. She was the first of Baldwin's logging mallets.

The fully restored tender of the Skookum was loaded at the OCSR shops in Centralia, Washington for the trip south to the OCSR shops at Garibaldi, Oregon. …

Skookum's Drivers Return To OCSR Shops


As busy as things were at the OCSR shops on Saturday morning as w readied Heisler #2 and her train for the trip up to Salmonberry, we took time for a "special delivery" that we have been waiting on.

The OCSR shop forces are in the final stages of the rebuild of the famous 2-4-4-2 "Skookum". 2 of the drive wheels needed to axles. We sent those to the Heber shops in Utah for the new axles to be carefully pressed on. …

100 Years Apart - Steam Operations At Salmonberry


These 2 photos are almost exactly 100 years apart at Salmonberry, Oregon on the Southern Pacific Tillamook Branch.

The first photo was taken on Saturday as OCSR ran the first Steam train to Salmonberry in 60 years.

The second photo was taken by H.L. Arey at that same spot in 1914.

Under the bridge you see the confluence of the Salmonberry River in the foreground and the Nehalem River coming in from the right.

Politicians On Board! OCSR Hosts Salmonberry Coalition


June 22, 2013

Yesterday was a very big day for the Oregon Coast Scenic railroad. Let us explain why.

In these modern times there are many powerful political groups that look upon in active or little used railroads in scenic areas as only useful for conversion to bike-ways and pathways. Many railroads have been forever lost to this growing "Rails-To-Trails" movement.

With the former SP Tillamook Branch in the scenic Northwest tip of Oregon's Coastal Mountain range becoming inactive in 2007 following devastating winter storms, most folks thought that the line would ultimately fall to abandonment. …

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is working to the Restore the West Side of the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad

OCSR 25.SB.8

The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad (OCSR) became the operator of the west side of the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad in 2012. Since then the OCSR has been working hard to restore and maintain the track formerly operated by the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad. The line ceased operations in late 2007 following a severe winter storm that washed out small sections of the line in the Salmonberry River Canyon. …

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad Going Strong! Not Abandoned!!

Enright Tank

I need to set the record straight given the posts on the POTB notice of "abandonment" of common carrier status for the line from Cochran to Tillamook. This will be a good thing for OCSR.

As many of you know, Oregon Coast Scenic RR is one of the lines that I work with closely. Rest assured, this action by the POTB will not adversely affect the on going operations and expansion of the OCSR.

End of Freight Service on the Tillamook Branch (OCSR Lives on)


By Amber Nobe
Headlight-Herald Staff

TILLAMOOK - The Port of Tillamook Bay won't rebuild a critical section of its railroad damaged by the December 2007 storm.

And the port has ended freight car service out of its industrial park.

That was decided during a special meeting of the port's commissioners Monday.

The board's unanimous decision was reached a little more than two weeks after a public forum was held by the port, during which support for repairing the railroad was overwhelming.

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